yellow warm

by maggie

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my first demo, not 2 composed but i hope u enjoy


released January 24, 2016



all rights reserved


maggie Illinois

it's little maggie!

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Track Name: belated
mom is telling me to clean my room
but i just wanna dream of you
not everything is in line
but thats just fine, cause we got time
when you're at my side it feels like i have died
and gone to heaven
and gone to heaven
i don't know why everything is so complicated
but i don't mind if our love is belated
Track Name: blue all over
my mood likes to sway
sometimes i don't feel ok
i just need a hand to hold
you know mine get too cold
but yours are always warm
I'm sorry for being mean today
i know that u mean well
i just get so sad
and i know that u do 2
Track Name: rosie
whoever said every rose has its thorn hadn't met u clearly
you are the softest rose I've ever come to know
oh i could die knowing you're alive
even though you're crazy, its just cause u care
you've got a great head of hair
i swear
that i'll be here for you
that is true
Track Name: bright
i give it all away in one bite
and i wonder where the rest is at the end of the night
but you know where to find me, always one breath away
hoping that you'll call me
tell me bout your day
cause i just wanna listen to the sounds in your brain
hold me like a baby like you hold my hand
curl your toes up in the warm sand
the sun is bright and so are ul
Track Name: lately
lately i do cry
not 4 reasons unknown
its just that i feel so at home
looking at their faces, eyes shining bright
i know you'd let me stay the night
cause you're still here when i don't take flight
Track Name: sick
i don't want your hands on my face
i want you to know your place
and that is far from my embrace
cause I'm sick of it, I'm sad
I'm tired of feeling bad
its so cold outside
i wish it wasn't so cold outside
i can feel your eyes at the top of my spine
look away, let me be
never ever talk to me
your words feel like fingers on my thighs
i should have left u there outside
Track Name: mi amor
hand u a 20 and get back 5
you just wanna go for a drive
haven't seen u in awhile
i sure missed that funny smile
i wanna see u more than i can
u know that I'm your biggest fan
Track Name: so soon
you left me there
with tangled hair
and i could tell
you didn't care
i guess i thought that u wouldn't leave so soon
maybe i should just quit while I'm ahead
my stomachs churning, my heels r burning
and i cannot fall asleep
but i don't mind, cause i don't wanna dream
Track Name: normal girl
normal girls they love me
cause they think I'm funny
but i wanna kiss their lips, hold their hands, hold their hips
see me around school, catch me acting like a fool
but your eyes put me in a trance
i wanna show u true romance
Track Name: phooey
geometric lines on my leg
u know what that indicates
not sure why i do it
i figure i'll heal thru it
the only one i care about, pulling on my hair about
is too tired to sleep
i just sit and weep
its no ones fault, i just want someone to blame
sick and sad feels like a game
and were both losing
you ask y i let them use me
i just get so sad
i just get so bad
don't know what else to do
i know its not the right thing to do