by maggie

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released May 2, 2016



all rights reserved


maggie Illinois

it's little maggie!

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Track Name: on my own
2 diee 2dayy
brush the pain away
brush my teeth and my hair
change my underwear

i wanna float to the sky
i dont wanna die
i wanna live i wanna dance
i wanna b put in a trance
and think this is living!
this is free
i can do anything i can b me

and youre not there and thats ok i gotta learn how to live anyway
i can dance i can run on my owwnnn
i wont b waiting at the telephone
Track Name: golden glinting
get a grip baby, get a grip
sit down and settle down
where have you been all this time?
your hands all battered and holding mine
didnt you read all the signs?
now your hands are battered and holding mine
the road coated in gold will surely catch your eye
but baby
dont take it, not every time
cause now youre hands are battered and tattered and holding mine
Track Name: spring has sprung
flowers grow where angels lie
i wish that max had never died
i mourn everyday the heartbreak doesnt go away
spring has only just started but i feel so heavy-hearted
we all know we'll b ok
we sort of have to anyway
hold my hand, i'll take yours
dont be scared to get on board
i know you, you'll love again
even if youre just a friend
this is not the end
i'll plant flowers and watch them grow, get more hours and skip that show
sorting through whats important
why was her pure life shortened?
Track Name: new
i take a new heart from my bin
i let it settle, soak in
i am taking off my socks while you sit there and watch
i've been working, i feel new
see you smirking, i feel blue
claire bear cried a song to me and i felt like crying too
i see so many angels sick with the flu
some have flown too high, some have never taken flight
i hope someday i think
i am not the harm it wasnt me
Track Name: can i get you anything?
my heart of glass resting on your ass
i am looking for him, and i'm not gonna win this one
i lied to him to let him win
i didn't care
is it his ego i protected?
either way i'm not affected
this doesnt feel like affection

can i get you anything?
i know this is your house
i just want u to be comfortable
Track Name: blump bump bum bum
you are quiet
i've been told
little does he know
i'm so bold and vulgar
will it change as i get older?
cut my hair every month
i am hoping for the best outcome
i am just like the rest
wont u please get some rest
it is seven, i gotta get dressed
sometimes we feel so depressed
its ok for now
i'll go to work for now
i miss claire for now
Track Name: fondly
i remember u so fondly
i loved you this time last year
i couldn't keep a lid on it like u did
that was smart of u but i wasnt able to
maybe i misread
maybe it was in my head
either way i loved you
now you are my friend!
and i am so glad to know u
Track Name: on the bed
cotton t shirts given to me are mine forever indefinitely
i wanna pluck my teeth out so i dont have to learn to watch my words
i am a nick in your skin
i see you bleedin
i will be forgiven, but i shouldn't be given the time of day
your time is way more important
mine is not even knee high but thank you for payin for the ride
you wont see me on the other side
cause i have fled
i left u an apology note on the bed
Track Name: close
i look into your eyes and i could cry
i lose myself and my surroundings
then youre all thats left surrounding me
my soul beats and sleeps soundly
i'm glad that u found me
Track Name: savory pink 3
your heart is savory pink
it is in sync with the world
what a shame that you feel pain
what a shame
you are a star
youre gonna go so far
i see a spirit in you
its not gonna go bad even if youre so sad
u may feel so out of place
but everywhere i look i see a trace
a trace of u
Track Name: home
today is ugly i feel it in my belly
i cant believe how fragile things can be
tell me its ok
tell me its alright
that i'll make it home safe to my bed 2night