by maggie

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released July 6, 2016



all rights reserved


maggie Illinois

it's little maggie!

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Track Name: brother
im sad its taken all this time but im glad it happened nonetheless
my brother, mybrother
i love you
know how to handle when im blue
my brother, my brother
knows me better than any othere
Track Name: pt.1
every day i walk around and find there is beauty and its in my mind
on my plate, on the ground, in my state, all around
the doe-eyed girl youre used to seein- she is happy n doesnt plan on leavin
im so young you wouldnt believe it
ive got visions that are worth seein, i know that now
Track Name: tall
i could play the same damn key
i could do the same old thing for as long as i please
i still admire meee
taken seriously, cause im being serious me
laugh when i hear jokes
cry all the time
i admire me
doing the same thing
and i admire me for doing everything
Track Name: snapping in 2 in texas
lately i bleed for months for months
and id have to say texas was my break
you made me cry so many nights
youre lucky i didnt keep track cause thats just skin off your back
and you couldnt bare, you couldnt dare to break me
your baby
im fucking angry you drove me crazy
and look at me look at me
i came back loving, did me nothing
i am dramatic n im so inspired
d** he admires me
and i do 2 frankly i admire me
Track Name: shes restless
shoe fell on me so i threw it
didnt think itd hit a key
but it did and that is all on me
so i dance around it, as not to snap it
cant think outside of the box
so i open a window
i feel limited but why
im in control of it just do
something different
Track Name: motherhood snip
used to have a boat we'd sail on the lake
now im miserable for your sake

you broke my back for months
now u attack and i cant fight back

it could b worse, an outdoor shower, tell anecdotes, nd grow flowers
Track Name: i used to love the smiths
the meanest girl i ever met was me
dyed hair and dirty teeth
how could u say the things u say
and still b living in every other way?

bringing bandaids just in case the fumes rise 2 high and i suffocate
too much air running to the brain of course youre gonna feel insane
with all that oxygen going to the brain ofc youre gonna feel insane
Track Name: car horn key
the car horn goes beep beep beep
while i sleep sleep sleep
and its so loud in my room
wont u please find the keys and make the horn stop
Track Name: no t3ars h3r3
u can leave me
u can leave me, not to sound deceiving
but i always prepare for it before it is even a thing
ill do it anyway just in case
its the safest route i think so it doesnt surprise me when i blink and youre gone
its always preemptive it seems like its in my dreams
ill move on ill move out no reason to pout
Track Name: 2bhappy
i get too stressed
i am easily revved up by me
and too easily i act mean
im gonna go watch tv with my parents even tho theyre mad at me
even though it feels bad at least i know that i am trying and its just for me
i am trying
Track Name: fout sprout
julia- a prized one
i see a light in those big bright eyes
like a flower that has sprung up from a patch of green with petals that beam
sitting with roly polies in the dark
eating pizza in the park
julia, juliaaa
Track Name: stuttering
lately i stutter when i talk to people
maybe because im anxious
i dont know what it is but its getting to me
and i want to stop going crazy
i wont show u everything and i wont tell her everything
but i can know that ive got hope
that ill feel better next year and if not i fear that ill keep stuttering keep going craaseee