before and after

by maggie

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a series of songs recorded before and after i threw a fit and snapped one of the keys on my keyboard


released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


maggie Illinois

it's little maggie!

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Track Name: parading
it makes me sad in a way
that i don't think of u everyday
anymore, anyway
falling in n out of love seems to be my thing
can you blame me?
its just time chippin away at what used 2 be
life feels like a movie
we're in your car but we're not moving
everything around me is fading
i don't feel like parading around in the new mee
Track Name: restless all month
this month feels like a passerby
in my stale life
I WANNA B overwhelmed
by something Good
its been 2 Long since i wrote a song tht is
Track Name: ah choo
i only see the whites of your eyes
so whats coming is no surprise
with a gentle nod, and a god bless u
i know this one is through

i'll build a love nest
where we'll rest
my spit will stick holding twigs together
its getting warm, shed your feathers
i adore this weatherrr
Track Name: in between
i can't identify the body if it isn't mine
and you can't call me yours if i don't call u mine
and i will persist that you follow you
and i'll wish that i could do so too
i am lost in more than many ways
and i don't think i can walk through this dark haze all alone
all alone picking at the styrofoam
i'll bat your hand away i don't wanna lead u astray
don't hold my hand if you're gonna let go as soon as a face that you know shows
I'm all alone despite what the mirror shows
Track Name: yellow dust sun
yell at the son, tell him run faster
i hear u holler
it turns into laughter
he makes you so proud
more proud than you've ever felt
you'll keep this one under your belt
be sure not to tie the knot too tight
or you'll be sure to suffer sleepless nights
but aren't those inevitable?
i pray and i hope that when i am up to bat i won't flee
i'll give a good swing
Track Name: pipe
my room is so messy i cannot see the floor
watching you undressing makes my heart and body soar
its a common topic in my mind; seeing the world thru rosy eyes
am i blind? am i not seeing something that i should see?
it drives me crazy, what i could be but refuse to
and why? why whyyyyy whyyy do iii
i couldn't tell you, and neither could he
he holds me tighter and i can breathe
Track Name: not quite
gimme space, give me space or i'll suffocate
second state and you're still burning gas
i'm still breaking glass
my mind, my my, is two steps behind, behind your own
and i am watching your back for you
i can't wait to explore you
the sky is grey and i feel dull but as i muullll over it
i find its shit, and i won't have it
this filthy habit it's in my head i moan but a light has shone
it was red as we sped thru it
in the future all i see is green and the world doesn't seem so mean
Track Name: cowboy song
i wanna b a cowboy riding through the west
i know i'll be a man when i've got a few hairs on my chest
i wanna be a man, i wanna hold her hand
while i take her on a long walk and listen to her talk about i don't care if my underwear in the dirty laundry thats waiting for me
and I'm quiet a little bit, wonder why that is? wonder why that is
Track Name: ipod touch
"you are pretty, pretty ugly"
he said as he shoved me
i feel the same as when i was 6
dramatic and getting sick
who's to say its not the same? who
is to blame
Track Name: rata tat tat
rata tat tat
fill up my hat
walking through the crunchy leaves with my doggy behind me
halloween with a dark green glint that could hint mischief
shaken up by shapes i see
they're all around me and i won't go to sleep
im ok
vie got my pepper spray
am i being too risqué
Track Name: escape route
she slew from the back burner, wasn't gonna let that burn her
to a crisp she could've became
but now she's her own damn flame
her claim to fame has a new name
with a cat-scratch to the face and a warm embrace
is a welcome home
2k in the bank will make your parents proud
over your dead body covered in a shroud
hide the face you make when you find its her mistake
you'll be due to rake in the cake and knead the dough
as long as you're not too close to the po po
Track Name: honey on a leaf
new muses take the mind on a new ride
and theres no reason for a trip in your stride
the bumps fall to plains and i see plateaus
the sun is in my eyes and I'm squinting
but i see more i see far i see it all
and the mood melts on me as the sun falls

orange-yellow light shining on his face
i look and see this seems to be the place
i've been dreeeaming of
used puuush and shove
baby thats behind us, the sun no longer blinds us
now we've become more or less one
and i see more i see far i see it all
and the mood melts on me as the sun falls

theres dirt in my nails and cattle mooing
on the road, foot on the pedal, we keep moving
and i can't help but gaze as the sunlight fades to blue grey
seeing more, seeing further, seeing it all
as the mood melts on me and the sun falls