by maggie

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released March 6, 2016



all rights reserved


maggie Illinois

it's little maggie!

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Track Name: feel bass bass
when i think of chemistry i feel shaky
when i think of u i feel warm and blue
and when i think of claire i think about her hair
its getting long
everything shakes me up and everything grinds my gears
everything feels like a punch or a feather
across my back
i feel up and down every day
i dont know how long it'll b this way
but thats ok
Track Name: fritz
if i was a puppy what would u name me
i would name u fritz and i would take u for walks
anytime u paw at the door id get up and pause my show
grab ur leash and we would go go go go
to the park or to the store
u would never get bored
Track Name: summer
last summer was weird
to the far left i steered
i had a crush on claire when we didnt have any hair
i went to france and spain i was writhing in pain
i loved a boy name ross who lives way across
the country
mom was worried
thinks im in a hurry
and shes not all wrong
Track Name: i am Growing
growing pains
thats what im feeling
and maybe you too
growing pains got me feelin insane
but not as insane as before
growing pains i think u feel them too
you can say its thanks to u now we both feel blue
growing pains
i gave u a shirt w stains
i already miss ur brain
growing pain
Track Name: leave me alone
you said that i dress weird
that was kinda mean considering you didnt even know me
o i just dont get why u fret over it
its just my grandmas t shirt and a pair of jeans
if you dont like it it makes no difference to me
it just makes me sad tht ur mean
and i wish that u would leave me be
considering that you think im so weird
just leave me alone
dont show me whispers on ur phone
theyre not FUnny
Track Name: where is micah
where is micah
where is sage
i dont think were on the same page
i played the organ last summer when max died
i cried and cried then we all got fried
where is micah
where is sage
i think we are on the same page